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New Turf Field in Camden

When it comes to a good education, a healthy lifestyle, and strong foundation, a person’s zip code can be a barrier. When Ron Jaworski heard the Whitman Park Tigers were in need of a new field, he didn’t think twice. In partnership with the Camden Community Partnership, Jaws Youth Playbook committed to donating $55,000 over two years to help fund a new multi-purpose turf field for football, soccer and more. The space where it will reside was formally an old chemical lab’s dumping zone, which was also located right next to Whitman Park’s baseball fields. This dumping area was the largest in the state of New Jersey with mercury being one of the prominent chemicals that kids were playing next to for many, many years.  

Ground breaking took place on August 3, 2021 and we look forward to providing updates as this field gradually comes to life for the children in the Camden Community.