Jaws Youth Playbook volunteers in the community on a monthly basis and awards funds to programs that are positively impacting youth health and wellness in at-risk communities.  JYP grants are issued to programs and projects that will have a strong impact and align with our mission.  We fundraise through several key events throughout the year and would love to see out at our next one!  There are many ways to get involved with Jaws Youth Playbook.  

Our Three Pillars


Programming such as building a fitness room at a Boys and Girls Club, constructing a playground in an under-privileged community, refurbishing ballfields in inner-city communities, donating sports equipment, uniforms & more!


Supporting Farmers Markets in under-served neighborhoods that don’t otherwise have access to fresh fruits and vegetables, supporting healthy foods in school programs, meals for at-risk children during the summer months & more!


Getting involved in PE in Schools, Ron testified in front of Congress on the issue of Childhood Obesity, and other legislative, regulatory actions that impact childhood obesity.