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Back to School Donation

Jaws Youth Playbook donates socks to The Step Back Foundation

The Step Back Foundation’s Mission is to motivate & inspire kids at an early age to be apart of something special (whether that may be a sports team, club, or organization) by building self-love, poise & confidence.  Founded by Maddie McCracken at the age of 19, The Step Back Foundation is based out of Wildwood, NJ and helps provide athletic equipment and other necessities to local student-athletes and families in need of financial assistance.  Jaws Youth Playbook delivered Under Armour socks and other goodies for The Step Back Foundation’s back-to-school donations.  

Maddie is a living example of an individual who has overcome struggles with mental health at a young age through positivity of sports and wants to help others to conquer in a similiar way.  Maddie will earn her college degree from Stockton University in 2.5 years and is on her way to graduate school while continuing to grow her organization and impact the community.