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healthy meals on a budget

Jaws Youth Playbook Volunteers at Healthy Cooking Class at Pollocl Elementary

Jaws Youth Playbook stopped by the Pollock Elementary School in Philadelphia, PA with a $1,000 donation that will cover the 2020 Spring & Fall semesters of My Daughters Kitchen after-school cooking program. JYP Staff volunteered during the cooking class to help students make a healthy dish with wheat pasta, ricotta cheese, fresh vegetables and a variety of seasonings.  

Simple, healthy meals for a family of six (6) prepared in under an hour for $20 or less is the mission of My Daughter’s Kitchen. My Daughters Kitchen has worked for over the past five years to provide more than 2,000 urban school children in over 20 Philadelphia and New Jersey Schools with the opportunity to learn how to make hundreds of easy, healthy and inexpensive recipes!