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Filled Merlin's Treehouse in Burlington, NJ

As winter approaches, it becomes crucial to stay warm.

Jaws Youth Playbook, Ron Jaworski’s Foundation, visited Merlin’s Treehouse in Burlington, NJ to help them stock up on essentials that every child deserves. Merlin’s Treehouse serves as a haven for underprivileged children where they have free access to necessities such as clothing, books, hygienic items, and much more. The children can pick from Merlin’s Treehouse at no cost to them!

When Jaws Youth Playbook saw that they needed new items, we knew we had to make an impact! We were able to donate coats generously given by General Mills to ensure that no child goes cold this season. Additionally, we stocked Merlin’s Treehouse with Bombas Socks, Hats, Gloves, Bob’s Shoes, Books, Book Bags, Lunch Bags, School Supplies, and more!


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