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$20,000 to Helping Ignite Youth in Philly

12 Days of Giving: Day #12

Ron Jaworski's 12 Days of Giving: $20,000 Donation to Jason Kelce's charity, (Be) Philly

Ron Jaworski’s Foundation, Jaws Youth Playbook, donated $20,000 to Jason Kelce’s Foundation, (Be)Philly for our 12th Day in our 12 Days of Giving.

(Be)Philly is a non-profit foundation fighting for a brighter future for the next generation of Philadelphians. We are proud to support Jason and his foundation to join forces and invest in the future of the youth in Philadelphia.

A very special thank you to Jason, who always supports Ron and Jaws Youth Playbook in our annual Ron Jaworski Celebrity Golf Outing, our crown-jewel fundraiser for at-risk youth.